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Schoolboy's traumatic visit
To the doctor's surgery

When Uncle Dave takes nephew into the waiting room, Charlie is startled to see at the reception desk his schoolmate Lucas. To Charlie's total humiliation Dave explains to him the sticky problem Charlie has been having. The mortified boy can only stand there silently as his most private wanking habits are described first to his classmate and then the doctor. His heart races on high alert as his sensitive body is examined thoroughly.

There's nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit!

The handsome young men that operate Shifty Fit milk their wealthy older customers for all they're worth. The greedy lads are skilled at exploiting unsuspecting clients, but they've never encountered a man as strong-willed and angry as Monsieur Francois. This hot-headed Frenchman rages at the greasy mechanics who haven't fixed his BMW and splashed oil on his expensive shirt. The dirty mechanics retaliate by blackmailing him and threaten to tell his wife about the pervy material they found in his car. Tempers run high in this power struggle between the crafty young mechanics and the experienced domineering and furious M. Francois.

The tough, seedy world of underground boxing: where muscled, sweaty men beat
the crap out of each other for the entertainment of the gambling punters. The grizzled athletes are not known for their intelligence and are mere possessions of the shady characters that lurk behind the scenes. Their powerful bosses exert complete authority and the fighters know better than to cross them. If this means being told to take a dive - or being ordered to strip naked for a full physical inspection - they must obey.
Every inch of their gym-hardened bodies including their cock, balls and arsehole must be made available whenever the men in charge demand.

The boardroom of Mancastle United football club: revered by young footballers desperate to get into the game, feared by superstar players brought in for a dressing down, inspiring awe in all who enter. Inside, behind closed doors, the directors have complete power and can have any player naked any time they want. It is a little known fact that from the lowliest newcomer to millionaire Premier League players - all have to subject themselves to nude physicals at the hands of the older club directors. Deeply invasive inspections that show even the most arrogant of footballers that here, they are merely playthings for the confident clothed men.



What would the tabloids pay for photos of superstar footballer Kirk Redmond kissing the bare arse of star athlete Jack Collins? This is priceless! But it's only happening in the privacy of the Mancastle Utd locker rooms where the coach and physio demand Kirk worships his opponent's taut muscular cheeks and tight puckered arsehole with his tongue! The glorious manly smell of footballer bum fills the room as the men plunge into Jack's anus, opening up his sphincter and massaging his prostate.

Jack Wanked


Lucas is ordered to bend over on all fours on top of the doctor's desk to demonstrate how the patient is used in public urinals. The innocent boy is started to feel his arsehole being prodded by the pervy man. His sphincter is widened and he gets a strange tingling sensation as he feels his prostate being stimulated for the first time. The doctor strokes his tender penis at the same time to create an erotic association in the boy's mind between sexual pleasure and getting fucked. He's never going to be the same again after this treatment.

Lucas Wanked


Standing stark naked and winded after being so thoroughly done over, Rob is nervous to feel Dave seize his cock and insistently tug on it. There's no refusing him now and with his dick growing in the man's tight fist he can't deny the pleasurable sensation taking over. Rob's balls tingle with the insistent need to be emptied. His cock is manipulated to the point where he can't resist spilling his sperm all over the office floor. But was this initiation really a workplace requirement or has Dave just been fucking with him?

Rob Wanked


Oscar has one thick heavy cock. With only the slightest stroke he grows a stiff hardon. The dirty bastard gets off on the thrill and shame of being naked and erect right in the middle of his office. The men tug mercilessly on his dick so that Oscar can't control releasing all that pent up sperm right onto the office floor. Now truly humiliated they smear cum on his tongue and beard. With no time to waste, he's ordered back to work while still stark naked.

Oscar Wanked

These proud studs are made excruciatingly self-conscious as older fully-clothed men shamelessly fondle their genitals and penetrate their virgin arseholes.
We pretend it's all just a bit of fun between lads as we explore their virgin arses and drain their balls of cum.
For these masculine guys, being naked and toyed with by other men is a totally unnatural and unsettling experience.
Despite their embarrassment, we manhandle these naive men, give them uncomfortable erections and then cause them to cum. We make sure to drain every last drop from them.
We instruct these heterosexual men to display their tight young arses, bulging sacks and throbbing cocks - all under our authoritative supervision.
The boys have buttplugs and vibrators inserted into their un-touched holes - everything we do is designed to embarrass them and make our dicks hard.
Some of these young lads are practically virgins and we subject them to new sexual procedures, including being made to lap up their own cum.
The once proud studs just have to submit to our every whim as we greedily strip off every stitch of their clothing and drool over their most private areas.
The men cringe in shame as their cocks are measured and their arseholes stretched for the first time, all for our viewing pleasure.
After our rough hands bring them off, their red faces & blushing cheeks betray their feelings as they eat their own slimy cum off our fingers.
Young men stripped totally naked by complete strangers become wonderfully compliant, allowing their holes to be painfully probed for the first time.
Every one of these straight lads gets examined, deflowered and made to orgasm - and it's all captured in breathtaking HD quality.










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