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Updated: December 6th 2018
Jail Break
There are worse places than jail... and the offices of this talent agency is one of them! Neither convict has ever experienced such shame and debasement of their bodies before. And for Andy things are about to get even worse as the group of men surround him and decide to show him how they treat the prison bitch.
The Job Interview
Bob's induction has included his arse getting freshly bred and covered in sperm by his interviewer. The married naked man can't control how his cock responds to being buggered and his new boss can't have him distracted at his desk with a big stonking hard on pushing up his trousers. Best to milk those pendulous balls dry!
Office Fraudster
The vengeful investor isn't about to let millions of pounds go down the drain without getting his own back from the sly weasel who has plotted to use his cash. Now that Tristran's arse has been used to test their experimental product he's got a full nut sack that primed for release. This young professional has learned an important lesson today. Getting involved in high stakes business always has its price!
Humiliate a Scally
All day long scally Gary sits around on his arse. Isn't it time his bum-hole was used for something more? The pervy suited men make this bare arsed fucker bend over so they can take it in turns stretching his sphincter. This lazy straight bastard is piercingly aware of every second of his naked humiliation. The scheming men finally prove what a useless wanker he really is!
Crowncastle Rugby Club
There's no stopping the rugby club boys now that they've ganged up on the hot shot personal trainer! Stripped stark naked with his perfectly toned body on display this isn't the greeting he expected. He's held firmly in his nemesis' arms and his cock is taken in hand while the jeering laughter of the athletes rings in his ears. This day will go down in the club's history as fucking legendary!
Shopping Centre Security
Vinny thought he was the one in control but now he's been thoroughly shamed by the suited detectives who take full control of his manly body. They mock and laugh at him while Vinny strokes his dick under their supervision. After all that fooling around with young lads he's getting a taste of what it's like to be humiliated and drained of cum!
Dad & Lad
Johnny is receiving a severe OTK spanking from his dad for his bad behaviour. The boy may insist he's still a virgin, but he's proven how untrustworthy he is - because his disciplining has caused him to grow aroused. All his Dad can do is assess his son's claim by weighing his testicles and testing his penis with the help of the rugby club chairmen. The 18 year old can barely control himself standing naked before them.
The Visit
Mikhail stormed into Mr Swallows' office full of accusations, but this thuggish Russian is the guilty one now. His spunk is puddled on the headmasters' floor and his arsehole yields to the men's prodding fingers till his sphincter is stretched wide. No matter how reluctant this proud married man is to submit, his aching hard cock and full balls need to be appeased.
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Machine Tools
It's time for angry worker Kenny to get his revenge! Tristram has supervised Kenny being stripped and sexually humiliated. Now Kenny is going to take it out on his arse, bending him over and stretching Tristram's sphincter till he's crying for mercy. He gets off on being the boss now, wrapping the sexy consultant in his big strong arms and draining his balls.
Naive young Lyle's innocence is well and truly lost as he stares in shock at his daddy Drew being spitroasted! At the same time he's being pinned against the wall while being kissed and groped. Drew must take both men's loads in his mouth and arse or else his son will face the same fate. But these perverted captors have an even worse plan for what will happen to Lyle when he's pushed down on his knees!
Rugby Club Soapy Massage
Matt's teammate is also showering so the club's chairman and secretary take it upon themselves to massage this big brute. It's in his haunches where most of his muscle and power reside. To get him in optimum condition before the match they pay special attention to his glutes and crotch area, digging in deep and relieving all pent up tension.
Rugby Club Forfeits
It's time to get down to business. Ryan is taken stark naked into the club's showers for a good scrub down. They soap up his big meaty arse cheeks, slide into his hole and scrub under his foreskin. The chairman and club secretary get hands-on making sure this new athlete is ready for his first match while his naked teammates shower and gawk at Ryan's humiliating treatment.
Office Discipline
Upstart businessman Joe has been well and truly humbled by his superior and coworkers. The suited men circle around him, lording it over the handsome fella while he crouches naked and pathetic on the office room floor. There's no jumping ahead in business! Every man must first do his time grovelling at the boss' crotch before he becomes the new big dicked honcho.
The Park Toilet
Builder Terry has got a lot more than he bargained for when he stepped into the public loos for a quick piss at the end of his lunch break. Roped into the most seedy perversion that happens in these bogs, he's now surrounded while stark naked! He's got an achingly hard cock and a hot muscular businessman at his feet begging to be drenched in sperm!
Simon is taking real delight in seeing his secret superior being given sexual discipline after the punishment he received. Now he can really get his own back! Derek Stebson is so overwhelmed by the circle of hard cocks presented to him that need servicing, he loses track of which is going in his mouth and which in his aching anus. The levels of perversion at this school are getting out of control!
St Dunstan's Revenge
Simon set out to entrap the insidious headmaster and teachers at St Dunstan's but has quickly found himself over his head. Now that he's stark naked getting his massive balls groped and his willy tugged he finds himself losing control. The suited men rub themselves against him so that their bulges press against his naked body and his cock is manipulated to the point of feverish overexcitement.
Falishatti Ink
Sexy Luke is off his face so gullibly believes what the men say as he's told his cock must be hard in order for them to do his new tattoo. They pervily slide their fingers up his arse while stroking his dick. He has no idea what's happening to him but it's making him feel really funny deep inside. The lads had no idea things would go this far or that there's photographic evidence which will be shared all over the internet!
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There's nothing better than stripping straight lads completely nude, putting their bodies on display, and teaching them exactly how to submit!


The tough, seedy world of underground boxing: where muscled, sweaty men beat
the crap out of each other for the entertainment of the gambling punters. The grizzled athletes are not known for their intelligence and are mere possessions of the shady characters that lurk behind the scenes. Their powerful bosses exert complete authority and the fighters know better than to cross them. If this means being told to take a dive - or being ordered to strip naked for a full physical inspection - they must obey.
Every inch of their gym-hardened bodies including their cock, balls and arsehole must be made available whenever the men in charge demand.

The boardroom of Mancastle United football club: revered by young footballers desperate to get into the game, feared by superstar players brought in for a dressing down, inspiring awe in all who enter. Inside, behind closed doors, the directors have complete power and can have any player naked any time they want. It is a little known fact that from the lowliest newcomer to millionaire Premier League players - all have to subject themselves to nude physicals at the hands of the older club directors. Deeply invasive inspections that show even the most arrogant of footballers that here, they are merely playthings for the confident clothed men.

What CMNM is all about
These proud studs are made excruciatingly self-conscious as older fully-clothed men shamelessly fondle their genitals and penetrate their virgin arseholes.
We pretend it's all just a bit of fun between lads as we explore their virgin arses and drain their balls of cum.
For these masculine guys, being naked and toyed with by other men is a totally unnatural and unsettling experience.
Despite their embarrassment, we manhandle these naive men, give them uncomfortable erections and then cause them to cum. We make sure to drain every last drop from them.
We instruct these heterosexual men to display their tight young arses, bulging sacks and throbbing cocks - all under our authoritative supervision.
The boys have buttplugs and vibrators inserted into their un-touched holes - everything we do is designed to embarrass them and make our dicks hard.
Some of these young lads are practically virgins and we subject them to new sexual procedures, including being made to lap up their own cum.
The once proud studs just have to submit to our every whim as we greedily strip off every stitch of their clothing and drool over their most private areas.
The men cringe in shame as their cocks are measured and their arseholes stretched for the first time, all for our viewing pleasure.
After our rough hands bring them off, their red faces & blushing cheeks betray their feelings as they eat their own slimy cum off our fingers.
Young men stripped totally naked by complete strangers become wonderfully compliant, allowing their holes to be painfully probed for the first time.
Every one of these straight lads gets examined, deflowered and made to orgasm - and it's all captured in breathtaking HD quality.
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